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UECU Added to the List of the 100 Best Credit Unions in America

Bankdash, a personal finance news and research publication, has added UECU to their list of the 100 best credit unions in the nation. In an effort to help consumers find a quality credit union they could join, Bankdash compiled the list using a methodology that solved for institution stability and quality and value delivered to credit union members over multiple years. They applied this methodology to thousands of credit unions across the US, examining over 25,000 data points spanning several years. Out of a total of 5,204 credit unions in the US, UECU was identified as one of the top 100. Bankdash looked at several key areas including asset size, number of members, net worth per member, deposits per member, and dividends paid to members. In a press release published on July 8, 2022, Steve Wilson, Editor at Bankdash shared, “We believe that all consumers should include credit unions in their investigation of financial products and services and our hope is that this list eliminates a substantial barrier to being able to identify quality credit unions.”

UECU membership is now open to utility and energy industry employees nationwide, as well as Pennsylvania residents through PACC, the Pennsylvania American Consumer Council.

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UECU is Ranked in the Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in the United States

(As Published In: DepositAccounts.com, 2021)

DepositAccounts.com has ranked UECU as one of the healthiest credit unions in America from 2019 to 2021. In the state of Pennsylvania, UECU is #2 on the list of healthy credit unions. DepositAccounts.com evaluates the financial health of over 12,000 banks and credit unions in the United States once per quarter and has been tracking healthy institutions since 2010. To determine bank ranking and recognition, DepositAccounts.com grades each institution on a number of factors, including the institution’s Texas Ratio, deposit growth, and capitalization.

To learn more, visit https://www.depositaccounts.com/banks/health.aspx.

Best of Bauer Utilities Employees Credit Union Laser Focused on its Membership

BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nation’s Premier Credit Union and Bank Rating Firm, announced that Utilities Employees Credit Union (UECU) has once again earned its top (5-Star) rating for financial strength and stability. Having earned Bauer’s top (5-Star) rating for 131 consecutive quarters, UECU earned Bauer’s highest designation as a “Best of Bauer Credit Union.

Bauer rates every federally-insured credit union with the same strict standards, and is pleased to report that UECU continues to come out on top. What’s more, credit unions, like UECU, understand that in order for them to thrive, their members must thrive, explains Karen Dorway, president of BauerFinancial. “That translates to loyalty and dedication to its membership, a commitment to work together toward a better tomorrow. At UECU, this commitment comes naturally, because its employees and members share much more in common than a financial institution.”

Established in 1934, UECU has carried that dedication to its members for 89 years. Making connections and supporting members has been its hallmark since its inception. Being rated 5-Stars by Bauer, the best, most trusted and most convenient place to go for a validated, statistical review of your credit union’s financial strength, is the fruit of its labor.

To learn more, click here for the full media release.


UECU holds a Superior Rating from IDC Financial Publishing, Inc., an independent firm that provides key performance measurement data for government-reporting financial institutions across the country. IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. calculates a one-number quality rank for each institution along with over 35 key financial ratios. There are six categories: Superior (200-300), Excellent (165-199), Average (125-164), Below Average (75-124), and Lowest Ratios (2-74) and Rank One. The analysis is based on the financial information each institution reports to the Federal Government.

Credit unions rated Superior are classified as the best in all measures. On average, they have the strongest capital ratios, the best asset quality, and are the most profitable. Many of these institutions demonstrate an ability to generate a core return on net worth (ROE) above cost of net worth (COE). For more information about IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. please visit their website at www.idcfp.com.


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A Message from Our President

January, 2023

Dear Member,

As your financial partner, I am very excited to share that you have a lot to look forward to in 2023. We’ve listened to your questions and comments and used your feedback to build a better banking experience. We understand that it hasn’t always been easy to manage all of your UECU accounts, that not having the same options online and on mobile has created challenges, and that you want the ability to do more. And that’s what you can expect. Our digital banking upgrade will give you the power to manage your finances the way you want. With one login, you’ll be able to easily access and manage all of your UECU accounts in one place. You’ll also have the ability to link your external financial accounts, giving you a complete 360-degree financial picture. Some of my new favorite features include SavvyMoney®, person-to-person (P2P) payment options, and Yodlee’s financial planning tools.

With SavvyMoney®, you’ll be able to keep a pulse on your overall financial health by monitoring your credit score, payment and credit history, credit usage, and inquiries on your credit report. You’ll also get customized recommendations on ways to save on your loans, as well as financial resources and tips for increasing your credit score and optimizing your financial health. We’ll share more about these exciting new features as we get closer to launching your new digital banking experience in March.

But that’s not all for 2023; we’ve also upgraded our Green Light Checking™ Account with more features and functionality to help members who are rebuilding their finances get back on track. This account now provides members with a Visa® debit card, mobile check deposit, Nationwide ATM surcharge rebates, and VantagePoints™ rewards. We’ll also be introducing New savings and borrowing options to help students and those just getting started to take the next big step towards purchasing their first car, buying their first home, and building their credit with a Power Builder Visa Credit Card. Stay tuned for more announcements about these new programs.

In 2022, we saw interest rates rise and the cost of goods and services go up, which created financial challenges for some folks. Whether your financial road looks smooth or bumpy in the year ahead, please take some time to do a financial checkup. Review your expenses and look for ways to reduce them, develop a plan to pay down debt, build your emergency savings by putting money aside each paycheck, and take a hard look at where your retirement savings stand. If you need help, please reach out. Our employees are here to help you prepare for what’s ahead and get through the tough times. Together, we can make it a fantastic year.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, safe, and healthy 2023.


Bret Krevolin

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