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Managing money is important, but life is about more than just money.

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Episode #3: Get to know our friends from NSUJL (National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen), an organization that provides financial aid, emotional suport and more to families affected by IBEW line family loss and injury. Their stories are sometimes thrilling, sometimes heartbreaking…but always compelling. We’ll talk about their upcoming annual event that honors line workers who lost their lives in service to their communities and showcases the amazing talents and camaraderie that is “the linelife.”

On this podcast, friends of UECU share their lives and favorite tips. We know that managing money better is important, but life is about more than just money. We’re also part of many amazing communities, both geographical and vocational and they have great stories to tell too! We look forward to sharing a new episode with you every month. You can find them on your favorite podcast app, or right here! Make sure you like, subscribe and share them with your family and friends so you get notifications for each new episode.

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