Membership now open to PA residents through PACCLearn More

Claim your $25 gift card*. Membership is free.

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New! Membership Open to PA Residents through PACC!

Claim your $25 Gift Card, it’s super easy!*

Step 1: Complete the online membership application and open your UECU account.

Step 2: Open a Visa PowerCard™ or a UECU Checking Account within 30 days, and earn 3,000 VantagePoints™!

Step 3: Redeem your VantagePoints™ for a $25 gift card of your choice.

Who’s Eligible?

Regular Employees and Retirees of UECU’s Partner Companies 
Family of Existing UECU Members: spouse, domestic partner, children and stepchildren, grandchildren, parents and stepparents, siblings
Pennsylvania Residents: Residents of PA are eligible to join PACC, the Pennsylvania American Consumer Council. PACC is an association of UECU which extends credit union membership to all members of PACC. Join UECU through PACC, with the online membership application above.

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About Membership

Membership has no expiration. You may continue to enjoy the benefits of membership even if you leave the employ of a Partner Company for any reason. UECU offers life-long membership no matter where you move or travel.

You earn reward points for referrals. Refer your Utility Co-workers and Family Members now – you’ll earn 500 VantagePoints™ (for a limited time) for every individual you refer who becomes a UECU member. Refer Now!

Important Information for New UECU Members:

*Upon opening a new UECU account and a Visa® Power Card™ or a UECU Checking Account within 30 days of becoming a member, you receive 3,000 VantagePoints™, which can be redeemed for a $25 Gift Card. All Visa Power Card™ and Checking Account applicants are subject to UECU’s approval process. This promotion ends December 31, 2023, and can be terminated at any time.

New Visa Power Card™ holders receive a low introductory rate. The Introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 1.99% applies to any advances added to your UECU Visa® Power Card™ during the first 12 months after its issue. At the time of your card application, your regular interest rate of 8.99% to 17.99% is based on an evaluation of credit-worthiness criteria and is identified in your Visa Power Card™ Credit Agreement and Truth-In-Lending Disclosure. Following 12 complete monthly UECU credit card statement cycles, all balances, existing and new, will change to normal pricing and will accrue interest at the interest rate identified in your credit agreement and disclosure. 1.99% APR Intro Rate offer is for first-time cardholders only. Transaction fees: Visa Power Card™ holders pay no balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, or transaction fees.

1 Subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the Checking Benefits Reference Guide. 2 Insurance products are: NOT A DEPOSIT. NOT FEDERALLY INSURED. NOT AN OBLIGATION OR GUARANTEED BY THE CREDIT UNION, ITS AFFILIATES, OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY.