Membership Open to Pennsylvania Residents through PACC.Join Today!
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Earn 500 VantagePoints for each successful referral!

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Refer Family, Utility Workers, and Pennsylvania Residents through PACC.

Family = 500 VantagePoints

Refer your spouse, children and stepchildren, grandchildren, parents and stepparents, and siblings

Utility Workers = 500 VantagePoints

Refer your utility co-workers

UECU Partner Company Employees = 500


If you work for a UECU Partner Company, refer your co-workers

PA Residents = 500 VantagePoints

Refer your friends and extended family in PA! – UECU has partnered with PACC, the Pennsylvania Consumer Council, to extend credit union membership to all PA residents. Regardless of where a resident lives or works in Pennsylvania, they can now join UECU through PACC, with the online membership application at

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1 New referred members must open a share savings account for the referring member to qualify for 500 VantagePoints™. The referring member will receive their VantagePoints™ by the end of the month in which the referred member opened their account. This promotion can be terminated at any time. Merchant gift cards and gift card availability subject to change.