Statement Delays: Due to mailing delays with the United States Postal Service (USPS), the January Visa and Flex HELOC statements have been delayed. If you haven’t received your statement yet and need to verify the amount of your next payment or make a payment, please log into your account with Mobile or Online Banking. To avoid future mailing delays, you may also sign up for E-statements in Advantages Online™.

We’ve listened to your questions and comments and used your feedback to build a better banking experience. We understand that it hasn’t always been easy to manage all of your UECU accounts, that not having the same options online and on mobile has created challenges, and that you want the ability to do more. And that’s what you can expect. Our digital banking upgrade will give you the power to manage your finances the way you want.


When is UECU upgrading my digital banking service?

March of 2023

Will the digital banking upgrade impact Online Banking and the UECU Mobile Banking App?

Yes, the upgrade will provide enhancements to both Online Banking and the UECU Mobile Banking App.

How will UECU communicate with me about the digital banking upgrade?

As we get closer to completing the digital banking upgrade in March, we’ll share details about logging in for the first time and other important tips. Be sure to check your mail, email, and the UECU website for updates.

New Look & Feel

The fresh, modern design offers an enhanced experience that is the same whether you’re using mobile or online banking.

Easy Access with One Login

You’ll be able to access all of your UECU accounts with one login. Plus, customize your dashboard to display what account information you want to see.

360-degree View

You’ll be able to link all of your external accounts, giving you the ability to manage all of your financial accounts from one place.


Goal Settings

Set and track your savings goals to keep you on course for your next vacation, home upgrade, or big purchase.


Credit Score Monitoring & Alerts

Keep a pulse on your financial health by regularly monitoring your credit score with SavvyMoney®. Set up alerts for credit report changes and stay informed about what impacts your score.


Person-to-Person (P2P) Payment Options

Easily send payments to other UECU members, friends, and family with the new transfer options online and on mobile.