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Take a Break from Your Loan Payment!

Do you need some extra cash?  UECU’s Skip-A-Pay Program can help you stretch your budget. Enjoy the freedom of skipping your loan payment during the month you need the extra cash the most!

Your Skip-A-Pay request must be submitted to the Credit Union seven days prior to the skip payment date.  You may skip payments on multiple eligible loans, but you may not skip more than one payment on the same loan in a 12 month period. There is a $35 processing fee for each loan payment that is skipped.  For complete details, click here for the Skip-A-Pay program rules.

How to Request a Skip-A-Pay

  • Log onto Mobile or Online Banking.
  • Click on Skip-A-Pay under the “More” menu. Select “New” to create a new Skip-A-Pay request.
  • You may also request a Skip-A-Pay by contacting the Credit Union at 800-288-6423.


Who is eligible to participate in the Skip-A-Pay program?

Members who are paid current on all of their UECU loans and have not caused the Credit Union a loss. Other restrictions may apply. UECU has final approval on all payment deferments. UECU reserves the right to modify the program, or any aspect or feature of the program at any time without prior notice.

What types of loans are eligible for Skip-A-Pay?

Eligible loans include closed-end Personal, Auto, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Home Equity Term and Share Secured loans. Skip-A-Pay is not available on Visa® Power Card™ accounts, Visa Platinum Home Equity accounts, Home Equity or Personal lines of credit, mortgage loans, balloon loans, interest only loans, business loans and loans open less than six months. Troubled debt restructure loans and loans with collateral protection insurance placed by the Credit Union are also not eligible.

How often can I skip my loan payment?

UECU offers Skip-A-Pay throughout the year; however, you will be limited to one Skip-A-Pay per 12 months and two Skip-A-Pays during the life of a loan. These limits include any Skip-A-Pays used during the promotion period.

Is there a fee to set up a Skip-A-Pay?

Yes, there is a $35 non-refundable processing fee for each loan payment that is skipped. The fee will be deducted from the UECU savings or checking account that you designate at the time the Skip-A-Pay request is submitted.

If my loan payment is set up on Auto Pay, can I still participate in the Skip-A-Pay program?

Yes, any payroll deduction payments received during the Skip-A-Pay period will be deposited to your Savings or Checking account. Auto Pay payments established through UECU (transfers set-up to automatically pull from a UECU deposit account or from another financial institution) will be stopped during the Skip-A-Pay period. However, automatic payments you set-up at another financial institution or scheduled via Bill Pay or as a recurring or future transfer in Mobile or Online Banking must be cancelled by you during the Skip-A-Pay period. If a payment is made on your loan during the Skip-A-Pay period, the $35 processing fee cannot be refunded.

How does skipping a payment affect my loan?

Interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the Skip-A-Pay period. Your loan repayment schedule will be extended and your final loan payment amount will change due to the accrued interest. Deferring your payment will result in paying additional interest. All other terms and provisions of your loan will remain the same. You will be required to resume your payments on the next applicable due date.