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Current Rate as Low as 2.99% APR*

Lowest rate with an active Rewards Checking or Rewards Checking PLUS! Click for details.

The best of both worlds! Borrowing power with great savings benefits!

  • Secure the lowest rate possible by using the funds in your Share/CD account as collateral
  • Continue to earn a high dividend yield on the funds you use for collateral
  • Convenience of Payroll Deduction, Direct Deposit or AutoPay makes paying your loan easy.

Share Secured Loans can be used for any purpose. They allow you to preserve your Share Savings Account balance with UECU while having funds available when you need them. Use a Share Secured Loan to buy a car, make a large ticket purchase, finance an education or any other purpose at one of the credit union’s lowest rates and continue to earn our high dividend rate on your account. Your options are endless.

How it works: You can apply and be approved up to the amount currently available in your Share Savings Account. Once the loan is funded, the amount of loan is put “on hold” in your account. You continue to earn interest on these funds. As you repay the loan, the funds in your Share Savings Account are released, until the loan is paid in full. Simply apply online or give us a call. Your funds could be on their way to you today!

  • Loan may be used for multiple purposes, including, but not limited to auto purchases, debt consolidation, home improvement, personal, etc.
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Interest rate typically lower than other traditional loan types
  • Funds pledged as collateral are held until loan is paid down
  • Considered a low-risk loan, therefore not always subject to the same stringent underwriting guidelines as other loan types
  • Minimum loan amount $500
  • Maximum term 60 months for amounts greater than $5,000
  • Maximum term up to 36 months for amounts less than $5,000
  • Eligible for Life and Disability Payment Protection

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*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Lowest quoted rate is based upon an evaluation of credit-worthiness criteria and maintaining an active Rewards Checking or Rewards Checking PLUS, powered by BaZing, account (at least one transaction per month).