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Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

At UECU, we embrace a culture of empowerment, inclusion, and mutual respect by valuing the diverse qualities and contributions of our employees and those we serve.

We take great pride in attracting and developing a high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve. New employees are welcomed with a robust onboarding and new-hire orientation program. UECU works hard to introduce workplace policies and procedures that foster a sense of belonging for new employees, ensuring that they are equitably and fairly treated. Our inclusive workplace environment encourages collaboration, teamwork, innovation, and employee engagement.

We are committed to ensuring that Diversity and Inclusion are engrained into the way we conduct business. We are proud to engage with the local community through partnerships and philanthropy and encourage employees to collaborate and participate in committees and diverse activities and celebrations.

Supporting Our Community

Our Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) inspires, motivates, and enables employees to volunteer their time and talents. Employees can choose to volunteer as an individual or in a group setting, and can select from any of UECU’s mission-driven volunteer opportunities. EVP activities can be as simple as a group of employees serving a meal at a homeless shelter, cleaning up a local park together, or even participating in a Financial Reality Fair at a high school. Through UECU’s community partnership with the United Way, employees can also donate a percentage of their pay to support vital programs that address critical community issues.

We are passionate about strengthening our social responsibility and commitment to our communities, partners, employees, and members. UECU proudly supports the following: