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(Ages 13 – 17)

As your financial partner, we’re here to help your teens get started on their financial journey. From their first savings account to their first debit card to their first mobile banking app, they’ll have what they need to make smart money moves.

Teen Saver

  • Youth Savings Account with Quick Cash Card
  • College Savings Accounts
  • Freedom Checking Account
    • Free checking account until age 21 to help them get started
    • Parent required as a co-owner on the account until age 16
    • Free debit card with Nationwide ATM surcharge rebates – Up to $4 per month
    • VantagePoints™ debit card rewards – redeemable for cash back and digital gift cards
  • UECU Mobile Banking App for easy parent-to-child account transfers and account monitoring. Easily switch from your account to theirs in Mobile or Online Banking. Set up real-time alerts to get notified about account changes.
  • If they are working, they can have their pay deposited into their savings or checking account. Help them set up a direct deposit with ClickSWITCH in Mobile Banking.
  • Mobile Check Deposit makes it easy for them to deposit checks with their smartphone
  • Financial Education to help them develop smart saving and spending habits

Youth Savings Account details

  • UECU deposits the first $5 to help youth get started on their savings journey
  • Account earns dividends – teens can watch their savings grow as they earn interest
  • Minors under age 16 must have a joint accountholder who is 18 or older
  • No monthly service fees

Light-Bulb Moment: Savings Goals Help Teens Learn How to Save

Whether they are saving for a new gaming system, an upgraded phone, or a trip to the beach, you can help them get started by setting a savings goal in the UECU Mobile Banking App. Log into their account together, scroll down to the Savings Goal tile and select Create a Savings Goal. Next, select the savings account and then pick what they are saving for. If what they want is not listed, select other and enter a description. After that, select the amount and the desired target date, and then Create Savings Goal. When you are finished, you’ll see a new custom tile for Your Savings Goal on the mobile dashboard. You can set up an automatic transfer into the savings account or simply click on the transfer button on the tile to make a transfer anytime. You can even transfer a portion of their weekly allowance to help them reach their goal!

Open a Youth Savings Account Today!

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Other Youth Banking Options:

Little Saver
(Ages 0 – 12 years)

Young Adult
(Ages 18 & up)

*All loans are subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Minors under age 16 must have a joint accountholder who is 18 or older on the Youth Savings Account and Freedom Checking Account.