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Pennsylvania residents are eligible for membership via PACC.

The Pennsylvania Consumer Council (PACC), a chapter of the American Consumer Council (ACC), is a leading non-profit consumer education organization. PACC has over 18,000 members and provides financial services to consumers.

The mission of PACC is to educate consumers on the purchase and use of safe, reliable products and services. PACC also serves as a consumer advocacy organization to champion consumer rights, offer financial literacy workshops, encourage environmental protection and foster corporate social responsibility.

Utilities Employees Credit Union (UECU) is proud to be a sponsoring member of PACC. This means you pay no membership dues or fees when you join PACC through UECU. By joining PACC you become eligible for membership with UECU at no cost to you!

UECU provides your name, address, phone number and email address to PACC. PACC treats all member data and information in a confidential, legal and ethical manner. PACC does not sell, lease, lend or share member data with anyone. You will receive PACC’s newsletter on a quarterly basis.

Take advantage of UECU benefits and services by joining PACC today!

For more information on PACC including its privacy policy please visit: or call toll free: 1.800.544.0414 By filling out the form below I agree to become a member of PACC through UECU. I understand there are no annual dues or fees for my membership with PACC.

Upon submitting, you will be redirected to complete the remainder of UECU’s membership application.