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Sign Up for Holiday Double Points!

Make your holiday shopping really count! SIGN UP2 to earn DOUBLE VantagePoints™ on your purchases November 11 through December 31, 2022.1 Use your Advantages Visa Debit Card™ and Visa Power Card™ to shop in-store and online and earn double the rewards!

How to Sign Up:

  • Log into your Account with Advantages Online™ or the UECU Mobile Banking App and click on the sign-up banner
  • Call a UECU Member Services Representative at 800.288.6423
  • Complete an email sign-up form provided by UECU

How to Earn Double Points:

After you’ve signed up, use your Advantages Visa Debit Card™ and Visa Power Card™ for your purchases November 11 – December 31, 2022. Earn double points when you buy gifts, decorations, groceries, gas, essentials, and more!

How to Track Your Points:

Log into your account with Advantages Online™ or the UECU Mobile Banking App and click on My VantagePoints. Or, look for your point balance on your UECU Member/Account Statement. Points are posted to your Available Points balance on the last day of the month.

Savvy Saver Holiday Shopping Tips

Avoid shopping sprees – Make a budget and a list of gift ideas for friends and family and stick to it.

Shop early – with so many people doing their holiday shopping online, try to do your shopping as early as possible to avoid shipping delays. If your package does get delayed, print out a picture and put it inside their card, so they know something special is on the way.

Research online coupons and promo codes for discounts and free shipping. If you have a Rewards Checking or Rewards Checking PLUS Account, powered by BaZing, you get access to local shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel discounts, as well as more than 400,000 deals across the US, and some from the country’s biggest retailers. So before you start your shopping, log into the UECU Member Perks App and search for local deals and online shopping discounts. If you have a BaZing-powered checking account but haven’t downloaded the UECU Member Perks App, go to the App Store or Google Play Store to get started. If you don’t have a UECU BaZing-powered checking account yet, log into Advantages Online or call 800.288.6423 to open one.

Use your Visa® Power Card™ and Advantages Visa Debit Card for your holiday shopping and rack up double the rewards points, November 11 through December 31, 2022.1 Don’t forget to Sign Up2.

For the fussy people on your list, buy them a gift card for their favorite place – Cash in your VantagePoints and choose from dozens of plastic or digital gift cards from our Reward Link Catalog. For details and a listing of gift cards, visit

Instead of a gift, create an experience for your loved ones – Use the new UECU Member Perks App to find local and national deals on travel, events, restaurants, and entertainment.3

If you can’t find a gift for that person who has everything, consider donating to a charity in their name. Let them know what you did by writing a personalized note or sending them an email confirmation of your online donation.

1 Points earned on Visa purchases. ATM cash transactions or cash advance transactions are not eligible to earn points. Points are earned net of credits. Members enrolled in UECU’s E-Statement service earn 1 point for every $1 spent on debit card transactions during the promotional period; those not enrolled in E-Statements earn 1 point for every $2 spent. DOUBLE POINTS for the purpose of this promotion cannot be combined with DOUBLE POINTS earned on the first 30 days after receipt of your new card. Members will earn DOUBLE POINTS from 11/11/2022 until 12/31/2022, but this promotion can be terminated at any time. Visit for complete VantagePoints™ program details. 2 Must sign up to earn DOUBLE POINTS during the promotional period. Members may sign up beginning 10/24/2022 by logging into their UECU account with Advantages Online™ banking to opt-in to the promotion, by calling UECU’s Member Service Representatives during business hours at 800.288.6423, or by completing a sign-up form provided by UECU for this promotion to members via email.3 Open a Rewards Checking or Rewards Checking PLUS Account, powered by BaZing, and download the UECU Member Perks App to access BaZing savings. Participating merchants on BaZing are not sponsors of the program, are subject to change without notice, may not be available in all regions, and may choose to limit deals.