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CueItUp can help you bank better, prepare for big purchases, feel confident about retirement finances, and more.  Each 2-5 minute e-course will help you and your family make your money work harder for you. All it takes is a little time to CueItUp! Click on a playlist below to get started.

Make this month your own personal Financial Literacy Month with CueItUp!

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It’s never too late to learn more about managing money
and sharing that knowledge with others, especially your family.
Dive into a few important (and did we say short?) digital e-courses this month!

Week 1: Healthy Financial Habits (see video here)

Week 2: Creating a Budget (see video here)

Week 3: Family Conversations About Money (see video here)

Week 4: Taxes: The Basics (see video here)

Terry Larkin
Vice President – Member Experience

“We are excited to provide a comfortable, virtual and personal way to learn how to manage finances better, prepare for big purchases, feel confident about retirement, and more. CueItUp is a great resource to help teach children about managing money too.”