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April 2016 - UECU MemberNews

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Top Five Reasons to Refer Your Family & Co-Workers to UECU:

  1. You will earn 500 VantagePoints™ for each successful referral.
  2. Your family & co-workers will each earn 1,000 VantagePoints™ when they join UECU online.
  3. Family & co-workers will have access to exclusive member benefits—low fees, exceptional savings rates, low-cost loans, 24/7 account access with online & mobile banking, investment services, unique rewards programs, and more!
  4. UECU is one of the few credit unions that rewards members with a year-end Member Loyalty Bonus™.
  5. UECU is one of the strongest credit unions in the nation!

Use our new referral program to share a referral using email and social media. To get started, click on the referral link below.

New UECU members earn 500 VantagePoints™ for the primary account owner on an initial UECU share account.
New primary account owners receive an addional 500 VantagePoints™ for opening their initial UECU share
account through UECU’s Online Membership Application. Existing UECU members earn 500 VantagePoints™ for referring each new individual who becomes a UECU member and names the referring member when applying for membership. See for complete VantagePoints™ program rules.

President’s Message
Spring Planning and Financial Well-Being Go Hand-in-Hand

Pat Zyma, UECU's President / CEOAs I am writing this letter in early- March, we are looking forward to spring.  If you believe in the tradition of Punxsutawney Phil, for 2016 we can expect an early spring.  As the weather moderates and daylight extends longer, it is a perfect time to get outdoors.  Your yearly spring ritual may include getting the garden started, home improvement projects, planning or taking that long-awaited vacation, or whatever fits your lifestyle and needs.  This is also the time of the year when home purchases and sales activity generally increase and you may be contemplating, or even searching for, your first or next home.

Spring can also be an excellent time to conduct a personal financial check-up that addresses these more immediate commitments, as well as preparedness for longer-term goals.  Your Credit Union can help in many ways, and maximizing the use of UECU’s educational and exceptional savings programs can seamlessly contribute to your financial well-being.  Our broad range of loan products and affordable rates can help you to achieve your goals, and save money!

Financing Your New Home
The Federal Reserve Board increased the federal funds rate slightly in December, but we have essentially been in this unprecedented low interest rate environment for eight years, an environment which has favored borrowers.   Several months into 2016, we find that mortgage rates have continued to defy Wall Street predictions and remain low, and the current rate levels provide homebuyers with excellent purchasing power.

Buying and financing a home can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be a complicated process.  Our mortgage professionals provide one-on-one financial counseling, and will walk you through the application and processing of your mortgage and new home purchase.  Our financial consultants can answer your questions or take your application over the phone at any time of the day or night.  If you are a first-time homebuyer, we have options to help you achieve the goal of home ownership, with a low down payment and savings up front on closing costs.  The current rate environment provides an opportune time to save money and invest in your future.   

Convenience and Savings, on the Go
For many of us spring signals vacation time, or at least planning for our vacation.  As you make reservations, or purchases while on the go, our Visa® Power Card™ provides you with financial benefits that separate it from other credit cards.  You will save money with our low credit card rates and earn rewards points that can be used for cash back, loan rate discounts, and gift cards.  There are no hidden fees or charges, and our new chip-enabled card provides you with added security.  

Your Credit Union’s Financial “Check-up”—Best of Bauer
UECU’s financial strength has positioned us to consistently provide our members with exceptional benefits.  Rating agency Bauer Financial has recognized UECU’s financial performance by awarding us their 5-Star Rating.  UECU was also recently awarded the “Best of Bauer” status, for achieving the 5-Star Rating for 100 consecutive quarters.  We are proud to be among the top 5% of the nation’s credit unions that have earned this elite status!

Pat Zyma
President/CEO and UECU Member

Lender's Message
Get the Vehicle You Want & Maximize Your Savings with UECU's Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar.

Mike Malone, VP of LendingHaving trouble finding the right vehicle at the right price? Check out UECU’s hassle-free car buying program with TrueCar. It’s so easy—search for a vehicle online with TrueCar’s research tools and get pre-qualified for a low rate auto loan with UECU. But don’t get fooled at the dealer, it’s always a wise decision to get pre-qualified with UECU first, the dealers can make an offer that looks good on the surface but ends up costing you a lot more in the long run. And, remember to always test drive your vehicle before you finalize the purchase; keep the following tips in mind.

Three Things to Look for When You Test Drive a Car
What to look for in a test drive depends a lot on the type of car you’re inspecting. Naturally, a used car is going to require a bit more scrutiny for wear and tear than a new one, but in either case the things to look for break down into three general categories:

Drivability: Basically, how does it feel when you drive it? Does it accelerate well? How is it on steep hills? Does it shift gears smoothly? Are the brakes responsive? Does the steering wheel pull to one side when you brake? How is its overall handling?

Comfort and Interior: Is it comfortable to drive? Can you hear excessive noise when you’re in it—especially during acceleration? Does it provide a good view of the road and your surroundings? Do you feel safe driving it? Do all the controls work properly? Is the interior in good condition? Are there any unexpected odors—possibly from something leaking?

Body and under the Hood: Is the body in good condition? Are there any signs of rust or replacement/repainting? How does it look under the hood—does the engine and surrounding systems appear clean and rust-free? Can you see any leaks?

Each of these categories should be thoroughly inspected—which might require checking a dozen or more individual items, depending on the age, model, and condition of the car. However, what’s most important is for you to take all the time necessary, so that you feel totally confident and comfortable with the car before putting your money down. If you begin to feel pressure from any seller to do otherwise, take that as a warning sign and move on.

Try UECU’s Car Buying Service, TrueCar, and Get Pre-qualified for an Auto Loan in Minutes!

To get started:

  • Research your vehicle online with TrueCar’s free research tools, visit
  • Get pre-qualified for a UECU auto loan; apply online at, through our mobile banking app, or by calling 800-288-6423, ext. 4001

UECU Welcomes Our Newest Partner Companies!

American Electrical Testing Co. Inc., Canton, MA
Evergreen Community Power, LLC and United Corrstack, LLC, Reading, PA
Laurens Commission of Public Works, Laurens, SC

Employees are now eligible for the UECU benefit - Low fees, affordable loan rates, exceptional savings rates, and unique rewards!

Students could win a $2,000 Prize!

2015 Scholarship Contest

It’s time to submit your entries for the 2016 Glen A. Yeager Student Scholarship Contest.  For 2016, UECU will award $2,000 for the most creative essay, video, or presentation submitted on the Scholarship topic… Why would you refer someone to join UECU? Examples may include: rates, service, rewards, convenience, a personal experience, member benefits, etc. The deadline to submit an entry is May 2, 2016. For contest details, visit

Visit the website to learn more about this great opportunity for Utility & Energy Workers and Family.

UECU Banking Safety Tip:
Review Your Account Statements

Review your statements to ensure there are not unauthorized card transactions, or electronic payments or transfers. Unauthorized payments or transfers can sometimes be the result of fraudulent activity. If you notice any inaccuracies on your account statements, or while reviewing your accounts online, contact the Credit Union immediately at 800-288-6423. We can help you investigate the validity of the transaction or transfer. You have up to 60 days from the date that an unauthorized transaction or transfer is printed on your account statement, to notify the Credit Union with a request to correct the error.

If you have any questions or need assistance reviewing your account statements, contact a Member Service Representative at 800-288-6423.