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Card Controls

Take Control of Your Cards with UECU’s New Card Controls Service!

If you have ever misplaced your card or lost it, you probably know the uneasy feeling that sets in when you realize it’s gone. With UECU’s new Card Controls service you can have peace of mind knowing that you can easily turn your card off in minutes. This will help block fraudulent transactions and give you the precious time you need to find your card.

The Card Controls service is conveniently located within Advantages Online™ and the UECU Mobile Banking App, so you can easily manage your cards on the go. To access Card Controls, simply log into your UECU account, click on the Card Controls menu option, and select the card(s) you would like to turn off or on. You’ll receive a confirmation email or text message each time you use the service.

If you discover that your card has been permanently lost or stolen, you should turn your card off with the Card Controls service and then immediately contact UECU at 800-288-6423 to report the card lost/stolen. Notifying the Credit Union quickly is important so that we can order a new card for you.   

With the new Card Controls service, you can:

  • Turn your card(s) off or on (this option is available on all UECU cards including the Quick Cash Card, Advantages Visa® Debit Card, HSA Visa Debit Card, Visa Power Card™, Home Equity Visa Platinum, and Flex HELOC Visa Card).
  • Submit a travel notification to UECU – Let us know in advance when you plan to travel so we can make sure your debit and credit card transactions are processed as normal. You can submit a travel notification on all your cards at once, or on the individual cards you plan to use while away. 

For more information about the Card Controls service, click here.