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Certificate of Deposit

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Current rate up to 2.25% APY
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Photo of man smiling"Money in the bank" with UECU’s certificate of deposits, select the term that best suits you and earn a higher interest on the funds deposited.

  • Earn a great high dividend yield that stands above most banks interest rates
  • Reassurance that you have a higher FIXED dividend throughout your investment
  • Reinvest your earnings in your CD to maximize your return on your funds or have them deposited to your UECU Share Savings Account and still earn a great rate!
  • Use the Advantages Certificate of Deposit to help build your nest egg for retirement by choosing an IRA Traditional or Roth Certificate of Deposit.


Advantages Certificates of Deposit Features:
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Advantages Certificates of Deposit are insured, dividend paying certificate accounts that are offered with a set dividend rate for a set period of time that do not allow additional deposits. This is a great option for those members who utilize a timed investment opportunity for a higher-yield dividend rate.

  • Three dividend tiers to accommodate all types of savers – This combined with a low minimum deposit of only $500 allows all types of savers to take advantage of higher rates. You choose the investment level that’s right for you!
  • Terms from 6 months to 5 years - The wide variety of terms allows your investments to mature and become liquid at various intervals.
  • Dividends compounded and posted monthly.
  • Certificates automatically renew – Automatic renewal ensures you’re always earning the highest rates possible and prevents a lapse in dividend accrual.
  • Earned dividends can be deposited to the principal of the Certificate or to your UECU Share Savings Account or Advantages Checking™ Account.
  • Opening deposit can be made by mail or transfer from another UECU account or from another financial institution.
  • Insured by the NCUA up to $250,000
  • Can be used as collateral on loans
  • Certificates of Deposit that are closed before they reach maturity, incur an early closing penalty; additional information included below. If you need to close a CD prematurely, you can have the penalty calculated by speaking with a Member Service Representative at 800-288-6423.

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Early Closing Penalties for Certificates of Deposit: If your CD has a term of 12 months or less and you close the CD prematurely, you will be penalized 90 days’ worth of dividend.  If your CD has a term greater than 12 months up to and including 3 years, the penalty will be an amount equal to 2% of the principal amount withdrawn.  For a CD with a term greater than 3 years, the penalty will be an amount equal to 3% of the principal amount withdrawn.  If you have not accrued the total amount of penalty in dividends, the CD is subject to the loss of principal.