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2.45% APY UECU Certificate of Deposit

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Current rate up to 2.45% APY
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"Money in the bank" with UECU’s certificate of deposits, select the term that best suits you and earn a higher interest on the funds deposited.

  • Earn a great high dividend yield that stands above most banks interest rates
  • Reassurance that you have a higher FIXED dividend throughout your investment
  • Reinvest your earnings in your CD to maximize your return on your funds or have them deposited to your UECU Share Savings Account and still earn a great rate!
  • Use the Advantages Certificate of Deposit to help build your nest egg for retirement by choosing an IRA Traditional or Roth Certificate of Deposit.

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Advantages Certificates of Deposit Features:
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Advantages Certificates of Deposit are insured, dividend paying certificate accounts that are offered with a set dividend rate for a set period of time that do not allow additional deposits. This is a great option for those members who utilize a timed investment opportunity for a higher-yield dividend rate.

  • Three dividend tiers to accommodate all types of savers – This combined with a low minimum deposit of only $500 allows all types of savers to take advantage of higher rates. You choose the investment level that’s right for you!
  • Terms from 6 months to 5 years - The wide variety of terms allows your investments to mature and become liquid at various intervals.
  • Dividends compounded and posted monthly.
  • Certificates automatically renew – Automatic renewal ensures you’re always earning the highest rates possible and prevents a lapse in dividend accrual.
  • Earned dividends can be deposited to the principal of the Certificate or to your UECU Share Savings Account or Advantages Checking™ Account.
  • Opening deposit can be made by mail or transfer from another UECU account or from another financial institution.
  • Insured by the NCUA up to $250,000
  • Can be used as collateral on loans
  • Certificates include an early/partial withdrawal option just in case you need access to your cash before your CD reaches maturity.The partial withdrawal penalty only applies to the amount you are withdrawing (see additional information below).

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Early/Partial Withdrawal Penalty: Terms of 12 months or less – The penalty will be an amount equal to 90 days of dividend on the principal amount withdrawn.  Terms of greater than 12 months up to and including 2 years – The penalty will be an amount equal to 180 days of dividend on the principal amount withdrawn.  Terms of greater than 2 years – The penalty will be an amount equal to 360 days of dividend on the principal amount withdrawn. An Early Withdrawal Penalty may result in a reduction of principal. Partial withdrawals of principal in amounts $500 or greater are permitted.  IRA withdrawals are subject to applicable tax penalties.