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UECU's Mission Statement

Utilities Employees Credit Union
Mission Statement

Member Focus

UECU is committed to developing and allocating the necessary resources to attract and retain the business of current and future members. The Credit Union will strategically identify and strive to satisfy the needs of its membership segments. This will be achieved through the creation and continuous improvement of special product and service packages designed for unique segments within the membership.

Value Leadership

UECU continuously strives to create a "customer satisfaction" experience which members find exceptional when compared to that of other financial service providers. Its product line and services are priced to make the Credit Union a value leader for loyal members who regularly use these services.

Service Differentiation

UECU endorses the "virtual credit union" concept that enables extension of its hours of operation. It is committed to establishing multiple delivery channels and the technology to make its products and services available to the members at any time elected to conduct business.