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Advantages Online Testimonials

Here’s what people are saying about UECU’s NEW Advantages Online™ Home Banking …

“I’m liking the features of the new system, specifically the dashboard and new alert options. The dashboard gives me a quick overview of my account transactions and online login activity, all in one screen.”
– Mike M., New York

“I'm loving the new Advantages Online™! About a year ago I called and suggested there be an option to enter checks into my account so I can keep track of balances online. There is the option of adding transactions/checks now, and I'm super happy!”
– Jenny K., Pennsylvania

“I love this new message feature!”
– Sarah M., New York

“My time is money and UECU gives me time. I can bank by phone or online and I can pay bills quickly – and I never have to leave my desk. With the new Advantages Online™, I’ve already created a budget for next year. I like the new budget tool – that’s another tool for me to save money.”
– Anthony T., New York

“I’ve got to say, I like the VISA® screen. It’s a great improvement!”
– Douglas J., South Carolina

“I've had a savings acct with UECU for a couple of years now but have recently moved my checking account from Visions Federal Credit Union over to UECU.  I must say, I love the website. It's so easy to use.  I love the merchant icons and the account dashboard, especially the grocery widget.  If there were anything to add, it would be a gas widget.  I am very, very happy with all the services especially the fact I earn points by using by debit card.  Just wanted to give you guys a huge thumbs up!!”
– Sherry, Pennsylvania