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Message from the President

Image of CEO Pat ZymaUECU and ClearChoice Merger Update - 11-3-2017

Dear Members,

I am pleased to share some important news with you. At the Special Meeting of the Members that was held on October 30th, the ClearChoice Federal Credit Union members voted to approve the merger with UECU. The merger is expected to be effective November 30, 2017 with operations combined in January 2018.

We are very excited to welcome the ClearChoice members and employees to the UECU Credit Union family. As our Credit Union grows, we remain committed to providing all members with exceptional service, competitive loan and savings rates, unique rewards, and premier financial products and services.

Thank you in advance for your support in welcoming the ClearChoice members to our Credit Union family and for choosing UECU as your trusted financial partner.


Pat Zyma
President/CEO and UECU Member


The Credit Union Difference

Consumers often view credit unions very similar to banks, as we offer many of the same products and services. However, an important distinguishing factor is that credit unions are, in fact, not-for-profit cooperatives, which means that your best interests are our best interests – we exist because of you! Like other cooperative organizations around the world, we are guided by a set of fundamental values and philosophies, or principles. The CUNA Cooperative Alliances Committee developed seven cooperative principles that reflect a credit union’s commitment to serving members and the community. These principles, inspired by the Rochdale Principles which were named after the first successful cooperative founded in Rochdale England in the 1840’s, are as follows:

Voluntary Membership – membership is available to those willing to accept responsibilities and benefits of membership, no matter what financial situation, race or gender, without discrimination.

Democratic Member Control– a credit union is controlled by its members, with each member having an equal vote. The volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the membership.

Members’ Economic Participation – the more members participate in the cooperative (through using products and services), the more the credit union gives back to its members.

Autonomy & Independence – credit unions are 100% owned by members, not shareholders.

Education & Training – credit unions place education on the forefront, in consistently looking to help members get ahead.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives – credit unions strengthen the credit union movement by working together.

Concern for Community –while focusing on member needs, credit union employees regularly get involved and volunteer in improving their communities.

As a member at UECU, you know the exceptional benefits that your membership in this cooperative provides. The yields you earn on savings, the rates you pay on loans, the personalized service you receive at your Credit Union, and low fees make choosing UECU for all your financial needs a wise decision. Did you know that because of your membership with UECU, your immediate family members (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings) can also enjoy these same benefits? Our members have been our greatest advocates. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to talk with family about the advantages of membership. They will thank you!

We are looking forward to welcoming over 2,300 new members and four new employees to the UECU family later this year, as we complete the merger with ClearChoice Federal Credit Union. If you missed the news, in July we announced that UECU had entered into an agreement to merge with locally-headquartered ClearChoice FCU (to view the complete article, click here). We are currently awaiting regulatory approval, which will be followed by a vote by the members of ClearChoice in late October. It is expected that the merger will be completed by the end of 2017. We are proud to serve 45,000 members nationwide, and thank you for your continued loyalty. As we look to the future, we remain committed to demonstrating the UECU difference, with our members always front of mind.


Pat Zyma